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“Always try to be joyful and proactively benign to the people.
By doing so everyday, people have no control at all over my mood.”

– Toba Beta

“And I don’t believe in such a thing as “happily ever after”. There’s only happily every now and then. I find the hardest trick is to recognize the now-and-thens, and to bask in them when they come. Happiness is a choice we make, like how to wear our hair, or having coffee with breakfast and tea at night.”

– Cindy Bonner

Anonymous asked: I'm a Christian and i just want to know if you have anything against this religion?

No, I don’t. I am not a religious person, but I respect other beliefs.

“Why did you look at the sunset?’
Philip answered with his mouth full:
Because I was happy.”

– W. Somerset Maugham

“Call no man happy until he is dead.”

– Solon

“What would a narrative of happiness be like? All that can be described is what prepares it, and then what destroys it.”

– AndrĂ© Gide

“Too much happiness always overflowed into tears of sorrow.”

– Amy Tan

“on’t put off happiness you can have today. Tomorrow is a hope, not a promise.”

– Debra Anastasia